Taking a nice shower could be the best part of the day for many people, but an even better thing than that could be taking a nice shower in your very own new bathroom with a modern look and a luxurious design. However, in order for that to happen, you first have to choose a shower that is just perfect for you. To do that, you will have to take several things into account: compatibility with your current plumbing system, a type of a shower you want, the functions it can perform, etc. So, all in all, let’s see what kind of a shower would be the best for you.

Considering the Shower Systems
As we have already mentioned, there is more than one kind of a showering system, and some of them include the electric, power, digital and the water saving airdrop shower systems. You probably don’t know all that much about either of these, let’s say a thing or two about them. Premium shower systems usually come pre-equipped with the best shower head in the business. Keep in mind that you need to find the system that fits your plumbing system.

Considering Manual Mixer Showers
This is a shower that most people have in their homes and most people are familiar with. It is the shower that mixes the hot and cold water supplier within the unit itself, as the very name suggests. These types of showers can come in a form of a deck mounted unit, which is a unit that has a shower handset integrated, and which can be attached to the wall. These are just perfect for shower baths, and using them is as simple as it gets – you just have to turn on the taps and switch the diverted in order to get the water running through the shower.
If you’re not that big of a fan of the shower baths, don’t worry, because you can also use these mixer showers for single shower enclosures. And what’s great about them is the fact that they work with almost any plumbing system, but you do need to know that you need as best water flow as possible in order to get the shower to work the way you want it to.

Considering Thermostatic Showers
As you can probably guess by the name of these kinds of showers, they are the ones that allow you to have the complete control over the temperature of the water. These thermostatic showers take water from the already existing water supply in your home, but it has a pre-set thermostat. This means that the water will always have the same temperature, even if someone else in the use is using a tap, making it perfect for all the folks out there that can never seem to find the right water temperature during the showers.

Considering Power Showers
Yes, there really is a shower called a power shower, and that is a unit that combines the cold and hot water taps in order to create the most perfect temperature. In that regard, it is a lot similar to a mixer shower, only these power showers have their own booster pumps. These pumps allow for a much better water flow, which is essential if you wish to take a nice, long shower.
These pumps come in two types – the plastic pumps and the brass ones. Of course, the plastic ones are cheaper, but the brass ones look a lot better. Also, even though the plastic ones are completely reliable, they do tend to be a bit loud, unlike the brass ones.

Considering Electric Showers
If you have a home in which there never seems to be any hot water, than this is the perfect shower for you. These showers work differently than all of the above mentioned ones; they have their own heating system which is being used to heat up the cold water. But, keep in mind that this water heating system is completely separate from your home water heaters. This is a good thing, because you can get hot water the very second you want to, and no one else around the house will be using it.
It does not matter what kind of a plumbing system you have in your home; you can use this shower. It is said that the best system for this shower is the gravity system, which does not mean that the people with other systems shouldn’t install this shower.

Considering Digital Showers
Yes, there is a digital shower nowadays, and it is considered to be a bringer of revolution in the world of showers. It is a shower that looks just like any other mixer shower, but in fact, is a shower that will allow you to have full control over the water temperature. Even though we have already mentioned showers that allow you to set the temperature of the water, and they require you to adjust the cold or hot water flow into the shower head; that is how you achieve the desired temperature. But, this is different, because you have a wireless digital panel, on which you just enter the desired water temperature, and it comes to you.

These types of showers can be programmed to offer any kind of temperature you want, and you don’t even have to test the water – you immediately know that it’s right, both in terms of the water temperature and the water flow.
There are a lot of old homes that do not have bathrooms, and now you can make one, and this shower would be perfect for it! The pipework can just be installed on the loft above, and if you wish to avoid seeing all the pipework around your new bathroom, you can just have your shower head come through the ceiling.

Considering Water-Saving Airdrop Showers
If you need or want to save some water, this is the shower for you! This kind of shower system sucks the air into the water, and so reduces the amount of water spend during showers. Also, it provides amazing refreshment, and a completely new way of taking a shower!