Having a portable air conditioner can be a great thing in the summer, and especially for all the rooms that don’t really have an access to the AC. They can be installed rather easily, and can cool the room down really quickly. However, before you just decide to go ahead and buy one, you ought to know exactly which one you should buy, and in order to help you out with that, we’ve decided to give you these 5 advices.

1 – Look into the size

The size of portable air conditioners is a thing that is important to note, and you need to choose the right one. The bigger the room that needs cooling it, the bigger the air conditioner you need. Their rates are measured in BTUs, and it is important to get a portable air conditions with enough BTUs to be able to cool your room down. For example, in a room of 200 sq. feet, you’ll need a conditioner of 8,000 BTUs, with additional 2,000 BTUs for any additional 100 sq. feet of the room size.

2 – It’s important to know where to place it

Because of the fact that the portable AC’s need to have their hot air exhausted out of the hose, the models have their own included window kit, which is great for expelling the hot air outside. However, this also means that the CS needs to be close to a window. That’s the best place for their installment, but there are other options – some units have kits that allow the hot air to be released through the adjacent wall or a drop ceiling.

3 – Will there be a lot of maintenance work?

The users don’t really have to do anything; most of the maintenance consists of draining the collected moisture from time to time. The moisture is just a part of the cooling process, and it can get removed in several different ways: the pan can be manually removed and then emptied, attaching a hose can drain the moisture, and a pump can push the water up from the AC. But, the best of the portable AC units are self-evaporative, meaning that all of the water that gets collected just vaporizes. If you have one of these, you won’t have to worry about the moisture.

4 – Mind the noise levels

It should be said that the portable ACs do indeed create some noise, mostly because it has to generate airflow in order to be able to cool down your room and everyone and everything inside it. However, not every unit is the same, and some of them are more quiet, while others are less quiet.

5 – Energy efficiency is important

Most people care about the energy efficiency for two reasons: because of their energy bills and because of the environment concern. This can easily be seen with a PAC’s Energy Efficiency Ratio, which tells us just how much BTUs our unit is using. If the unit has a higher EER, then it is more energy efficient.